Sunday, September 27, 2009


Leaves of sorrow and
some sugar of delight
make a wonderful tea,
which I call  my life...
The milk of emotions mixes up with water,
what consoles better? I always use to wonder...
when it pours in cup, it hastily touches the boundaries,
The flakes coming out of it,
dew up my memories...
The life's tea is too tasty,
that is what people say for it,
I have only wasted..!!
Is it becoming cold for me?
or I’m sipping it slowly,
It’s always too hot for me,
I conclude while sitting lonely...
sometimes it is moody,
sometimes it is bitter,
it gets up my nerves,
when it becomes puzzle..!
it has different faces for different people,
it pleases one at the same it teases other...!!
I have just taken a bit of it,
through the poem I revealed it,
I am curious to find the condition
when I’ll make empty of it..!!


  1. Best description about oneself I have ever read....just amazing. This poem always make me feel a bit jealous with you

  2. hehe...... :)
    although i have not posted that "impossible..." one, I personnly consider that one as my best description.....