Monday, September 28, 2009

My Country.....

My country is running towards the term 'developed',
and we are watching this from side...
buck up India buck up,
some ‘Indians’ were shouting.
The runners are too smart,
they left all other things,
near the bank of their minds,
they aimed on running,
coincidentally they are achieving!
Indians are proud of them,
but the poor 'Hindustanis' can't see the live telecast!
What should I call myself?
an Indian or a Hindustani,
the country has been divided into the India and the Hindustan.....
can I ask those runners?
where are they located?
on this way or that way?
are they levelling standard of life,
or concerned about the lives,
where the life has no stand,
our runners are still running,
but we'll have to light the candles,
We’ll have to show them the true path,
else we can't get the true medals!!!

                                      Well, the above lines were written by me three years back, and as always I wrote whatever struck to my mind, you can find this sense in all of my compositions, hmmm but for the above one, I can say that it really made me think over it that the politicians or I should say rulers of our country are blindly focusing on how to make our country developed, while the ground reality is something else, which I don't say that I know the ground reality exactly, but the above written lines are inferred from what I watch on the news channels, what I read in the newspapers. In the lines, I have tried to include the role of the youth of this country, I m not at all blaming the youth, but I just tried to convey, that what we are doing for our country can be strengthened, the fire that we ignite in our hearts for our country, can be turned into something big, we have still to do a lot for our country, and for the sake of humanism.
                                    In the lines the ‘runners’ indicate the rulers of the country, and 'they left all other....' means there are hell lot of issues which should be concerned, but the government is turning a deaf ear to those issues, and the line ‘coincidentally they are achieving…’ means they are doing something good for the country but that is very little. Then I wrote about the difference which has been created in this country, one part is India and the other is Hindustan, there is vast difference between the two populations, one is overwhelmingly smart enough, while the other is a victim of ignorance by our government, and rest lines which I have already mentioned, focus on the indulgence of the youth of this country which is referred by ‘We’

The power of ‘WE’ can turn the stones…….


  1. amazing thoughts...u should post it to TOI it will get selected for editor post

  2. thnx for your suggestion, but this can be repelling one for some peolple